Bring your favorite treats to the right dogs.

Game Details

The pups are hungry and have ordered bones from the store. But which bone did each pup order? Luckily their bone is numbered and they are holding one of the factors of the number on the bone. Fully feed each of the pups to complete a level. As the levels progress, the delivery speed increases along with the chance of getting a larger numbered bone to factor.


As numbered bones come from the store, deliver them to the pup that has one of the factors of the number on the bone. If the store messes up and none of the pups have a factor of the number on the bone, be sure it goes in the recycle bin. Guide bones to their destination by tapping the arrow buttons to change their direction. Tap the SPEED button to speed up or slow down the number of bones. : You start with 9 lives and lose a life if a bone is delivered to the wrong pup. You’ll also lose a life if you recycle a bone that should go to a pup. To complete a level get all of the pups fully fed. A pup is fully fed when its hunger bar is entirely green.