In this story, we are going to make a procedural roguelike shooter. That would be a pretty cool project, and it hardly fits the free version, but it worked. So let’s continue. Let’s call it a Procedural roguelike shooter.

In the first area, we need to set up different objects. And these different objects will be the ones we use to visually show the information to the players and establish our technical background. So the first thing we’re going to add is a Sprite.

And we’ll be adding a whole bunch of Sprites here. And you know, for instance, the color doesn’t matter because we will make it look slightly different at this point.

We name it Room.

So the Room there. What we’re also going to do is add another 32×32 Sprite here.

We’ll give it an orange color for now.

We call it the Border.

We are also going to add another item here, and I’m going to zoom in. We’re going to clone this object type.

We’ll call this the RoomCenter and give it a purple color.

And then we also need a Hallway.

We need to add another color here.

I know these colors aren’t visually or aesthetically pleasing, but we needed to add them just because we wanted to see what was happening here. So now we will add some more items and call it the Wall.

Now we can make it dark green.

That would be the Wall here.

We can add a 16×16 Player.

And create Origin 8, 8, and we will zoom in.

Now we can give the Player the same color here.

I want to, and for some reason, the Origin just is not set right now.

And we’ll call this the Player.

We’ll clone this object type here and call this the Enemy.

We’ll give this Enemy a nice red color.

And lastly, let’s clone another object type here, and we will shrink it to 8×8.

With that in the middle here, we’re just going to close it out first instead of doing anything else, and then we’ll give this a gold coin color.

And we’ll call it the Coin.

So we’d go and collect coins. Now within this, we need to add two items to the Player first of all. So let’s select the Player and the two behaviors we will add.

So, that is what we need. And there are not too many other behaviors that we need here. So I know this is a lot, and it doesn’t even run at this point, but for now, this is what we need to make our procedural roguelike shooter in the following section.