Let’s do the multiplication to save the puppy from the bad guys!

Game Details

It’s not monsters chasing MathPup in this fun multiplication PacMan-like game. MathPup isn’t scared of Monsters! But MathPup sure doesn’t like vacuum cleaners, dogcatchers, baths, and thunderstorms. So sharpen up your multiplication skills and help MathPup chase those things off.


Have MathPup gobble up all of the Mini Treats and Power Bones to complete a level while avoiding the baddies. When he gobbles a Power Bone and you answer the multiplication problem correctly the baddies will flash. When they flash MathPup can catch and chase off them off for big bonus points. On keyboards use the arrow and/or ASWD keys and with the mouse or on-touch devices use the onscreen controller.

Preview: https://www.mathnook.com/math/mathpup-chase-multiplication.html