Determine the coordinates to draw a line to help the puppy pick up the bones!

Game Details

MathPup is raring to go to get all of the dog bones on each level. The problem is that MathPup doesn’t have a way to get to them without falling off of his platform. Your job on each level is to build a pathway for MathPup to use to get to all of the dog bones. Just plot points and click draw to build pathways between the points so that you can walk/jump MathPup to the dog bones.


Plot points on the coordinate grid by using the number buttons to enter the x and y coordinates of each point you wish to plot. Once the coordinates are entered, click the Point button to plot that point. Repeat to plot more points and click the Draw button to draw lines or pathways between the points. Once you’ve drawn the needed pathways, you can guide MathPup to the dog bones using the arrow keys, the AWD keys, or the on-screen arrow keys. Have MathPup fetch all of the dog bones on each level to complete it.

If you need more help you can click the Video button on the main menu to see how to play the game or you can also play the first level’s tutorial by going to the first level.

Use the Clear Data button on the levels menu to clear any progress and reset the levels back to their initial state.