Help the reindeer avoid obstacles to bringing Christmas gifts to the children!

Game Details

Save Christmas by skillfully guiding Santa’s sleigh to deliver gifts. Avoid hitting the Christmas trees and don’t let the snowmen catch Santa. Deliver gifts and collect coins so you can upgrade Santa’s sleigh. Once the sleigh is fully upgraded, your job is done and Santa can deliver gifts worldwide.


Use the A and W keys or left and right arrow keys to turn the sleigh left and right. On touch devices use the left and right turn buttons. When the Speed Burst bar is full use the space bar to get a burst of speed. On touch, devices touch the lightning icon. Hitting heart icons increase health while hitting lightning icons fill-up the Speed Burst bar. Max out upgrades to win the game.

Hint: Once you get 100 coins or more it is best to upgrade speed first. Also, turning slows down the sleigh so don’t turn when there are snowmen on your tail.